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Whether you need a cameraman or a videographer in London for a day or a full crew for a week or more, contact Tom today on 07846 401069 or

Clients large and small

With over 10 years of industry experience, Tom has worked collaboratively across the globe with SME’s, charities, individuals & globally recognised brands.

Need a video editor?

Need help putting it all together? Tom provides a friendly and creative video editing service at a cost that reflects great value. Watch examples of work here.

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About Freelance Cameraman

Freelance Cameraman is the quickest and easiest way to hire a London Cameraman. With over a decade of industry experience, Tom has worked with some of the worlds most respected brands including British Airways, Microsoft and American Express. His friendly and collaborative approach is highly regarded in the industry and he is a regular contributor to the Telegraph. From Viral Marketing and PR, through to Internal Communications and events, we're here to help. For more information, watch our Showreel, or visit our about page to find out more.

Finding a London Cameraman

Finding a cameraman in London is relatively simple. A basic google search will provide countless options for you to choose from. However, finding one that is both reliable and dependable can be slightly more challenging. Briefs are often demanding and deadlines are rarely flexible. It’s important therefore to find a partner that you can trust. Freelance Cameraman has collaborated with some of the world's largest brands for 10 years. Aspiring film makers can click here to find out how to become a cameraman or follow our blog for regular updates.

Hiring a London Cameraman

Hiring a London Cameraman is easy. If you’re not sure where to start, or if you need some help or advice, then call Tom on 07846 401069 or e-mail We'll take the pain out of organising your next shoot. If you have a pre-defined filming schedule, then we can check this against current availability and provide you with a quote. We’re fast, friendly and responsive but most importantly, we're flexible. So whether you need an operator for a day, or a full crew for a week or more, we can help. Contact us and talk to industry experts today.